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Friday, May 11, 2018

The Word Gets Out

Today, I had the chance to show a friend the trailer for the Greg Palast movie, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy:  The Stolen Election," at her workplace.  This trailer was a revelation to her as she had not really understood what had actually happened in the fall 2016 election.

It is tragic how little-known the issue of corruption in elections really is.  People have simply assumed they would have been told if there were any major problem.  But in a system which has become corrupted -- which ours surely has -- the truth is usually the first casualty.

And yet the word gets out.  It is a horror the truth comes out in little more than dribs and drabs.  Yet, if direction is important, at least things are moving in the right direction. We need every responsible adult to help get the word out.


Friday, May 4, 2018

Hitler on the Potomac -- and the Campaign Trail?

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Late this afternoon I heard an NPR recording of Our Military Leader speaking to the National Rifle Association.  The man (President) can only be described as having a voice like Hitler's -- the shouting, the righteous indignation, the hubris, the arrogance!  My reaction was one of real fear -- mitigated only by the knowledge that the speaker is incompetent when it comes to governance, and that the American people are getting clearer about just what kind of country they want.  

Monday, April 9, 2018

Fascism Is Not a Person

We must focus on the nature of fascism

Holocaust Survivor Stephen B. Jacobs

Many people on the left want to focus on just one person:  Trump.  This is a mistake.  As the holocaust survivor quoted here maintains, it is unlikely Trump even understands the concept of fascism.  And yet, according to Stephen B. Jacobs, Trump is considered to be an enabler of fascism by many of his followers.

This is a subject I have delved into here before.   As Mr. Jacobs makes clear, this is a matter of urgent importance.  Please do not assume, dear reader, that someone else is looking after this problem.  Everyone is important and can have an influence.  I am not talking about countering violence with violence, but rather about knowing as much about the history of fascism as possible so one can recognize it when it crops up and oppose it.   

Holocaust Survivor Warns of Incipient Fascism Here

Monday, March 12, 2018

URGENT: Former Rep. Scarborough Compares Trump to Mussolini

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From U.S. representative and TV host, Joe Scarborough, has compared Donald Trump to Mussolini after Trump gave a speech belittling and slamming various Americans, especially newsmen. 

I agree the Trump speech is scary.  But also, sane Americans and sane citizens all over the world are watching.   And they know the truth.

Former Representative and Current TV host compares Trump to Mussolin

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Washington Post: Republicans in Congress Pave Way for Autocracy

In these perilous days, Republicans in Congress, especially Ryan and Nunes -- also McConnell in the Senate -- have paved the way for autocracy in the U.S. through their release of a highly-politicized memo.

And it seems that so far in negotiations over the budget, America is being given something like the original Nazi platform containing pay-outs to citizens through social programs along with scapegoating of foreigners. 

The article from The Washington Post (see URL below) shows how the Republicans in Congress are complicit in a crime against democracy.

Republicans in Congress Pave the Way for Autocracy: Washington Post

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Enduring Legacy of 9/11/01

The link below will take you to a useful and interesting point-by-point summation of the enduring effects of the sad events of September 11, 2001.  It does not purport to be a complete explanation and it appears to have been posted around 2009. 

However, it is concise and primarily accurate. 

I will continue to search for resources which will show that certain problems in our society have, in fact, stemmed from what is sometimes called a hoax, or the best television commercial in U.S. history.

More in the future

The Effects 9/11 on American Politics and Society

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Political Leaders Who Mangle Both Language and Our Sense of Reality

...the more we engage with the Russia story, the less we engage with our lived reality of destruction of democracy in this country.

                                                                               -- Masha Gessen

Certain leaders of the past and present have been adept at using language in an incredibly destructive way.  If knowledge is power, surely the interview conducted at the following link is important.

Our Military Leader Mangles Both Language and Our Sense of Reality 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Is Trump Becoming Irrelevant?

I f so, this would be good news indeed.  But, as Reich admits, he is still dangerous.  More by clicking on the link below.  

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The Growing Irrelevance of Trump -- Robert Reich

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Why Democrats Are Headed Toward Anemic Results

Many of the e-mails I get are from Democrats expressing various degrees of worry, anguish, and, even desperation.  This is understandable, as the Democratic Party for various reasons is not getting a fair shake in the political game.

Let it be said here, if anywhere:  The Republican Party is now essentially a fascist party.  It has been trending that way for years, but with Our Military Leader (OML) as their winning nominee in the White House, there can really be no doubt.  It is not the fascism of the ovens or the goose-steppers, but it is a form of fascism, i.e., the marriage of government and the profit system through unjust means and unlawful procedures.  (The suppression of African-American votes is illegal.)

The fact that the Democratic Party is unable to say this means their strategy is wrong-headed.  For a strategy based on a serious mis-characterization of the "enemy" is bound to fail.  Thus, the Democratic approach is both mis-directed, and too mild.  Anti-fascism, apart from some unsavory tactics, is now the only wide-spread movement which at least has the characterization of the overall Republic Party right.  And anyone who doubts that overall characterization as need only look at the new Senate nominee coming from the Alabama Republican Party.